Social Responsibility and Enviroment

EXPEDITION FITZ ROY has as one of its main considerations the environmental care in areas where it does Expedition Cruises, so to minimize any action that endangers or impairs the pristine state of places we tread.

This is how our crew must follow strict rules as to those actions that involve environmental risks, care must be applied for example in the management of waste and wastewater from the ship, for which the rules and procedures apply treatment established by national and international regulations (SOLAS, MARPOL).

The responsible conservation of the environment requires to our expeditions  cause minimal impact, especially in disembarking we make in virgin territories,  care   not to leave traces of our shore excursions and likewise, do not disturb the tranquility of wildlife sighted, strictly following the rules set by scientific observation organizations and environmental agencies.

Hence the need our expeditioners comply the strict standards what our Guide and Expedition  FORREST crew indicate about it , which allows us to ensure that the sustainability of the resource can be maintained and others in the future, enjoy the same scenarios and same variety of wildlife who they that visit these places today

Our Expeditions also fulfill a role of collaboration with scientific institutions, collecting information on each trip and transferring the results of the observations at the scientists that running research projects

In addition, we wanted to incorporate our passengers in this work, giving them a share of the observation and recording of sightings; information is ultimately used in the projects related with the population of different species inventories. Moreover, many of our trips are companied by researchers who have the opportunity to gather or corroborate information. We also have special trips with groups of scientists for conducting certain studies.

In summary, with these and other activities, Expedition Fitz Roy is doing its modest contribution in order to make the knowledge of this area be more extensive, while the applied environmental practices, are cooperating to make our activity along with allow them to be many people to know these beautiful places, this is done with sustainability criteria so that the action lasts over time and does not affect the natural life found today unchanged.