About Us

The M/N FORREST is the property of Marítima Transaustral Ltda., a family business that has been running for over 20 years, and which owns several similar vessels. Today, next to Forrest, has the M / N Saint Brandan, 1000 ton ship designed to operate as Antarctic support vessel, according to their features and equipment.

In the year 2000, after purchasing the FORREST as a cargo ship from the Falkland Islands, the company decided to give it a complete transformation, converting it into a passenger ship for medium-haul cruises.

The company is well-established as a serious entrepreneurial company dedicated to a variety of activities, including farming, forestry, overland transport and construction. With this cruise ship project the company begins its participation in the region’s tourism market.

The refurbishment of the ship was carried out by specialised teams and technicians, under close surveillance of the Port Authorities in the approval of plans, installations, materials, construction and all that which concerns the safety measures required for the vessel.

Faithful to the high service quality that has long been its trademark, the company has made it their aim to ensure that the FORREST possesses all the conditions needed to offer guests a truly comfortable experience on board, with special consideration for the harsh climatic conditions often experienced in Patagonia.

The company invited professionals of the tourism industry to visit and inspect the vessel, its tourism programmes and its service, in order to have a valid, responsible opinion from those who would be potential customers. Opinions were unanimous: this was a first-class service and a product with enormous potential. Our tourism operations began in December 2008, showing excellent results. The FORREST was praised as a high-quality export product with specialised features for expedition cruises of this sort.

M/N FORREST Expedition Cruises are truly unique, in that they allow our guests exclusive access to pristine locations in the midst of the most untamed wilderness, still untouched by mankind, hosting an abundance of wildlife species that can not normally be spotted in other parts of the Magellan region which are more commonly visited by tourists. On our expedition cruises you will live a singular experience in the midst of the stunning beauty of Patagonia’s fjords and canals.

Our company philosophy is to offer a personalised service, which without seeking to be particularly sophisticated, is of a quality that allows our guests to feel right at home in a cosy, friendly environment. In the series of excursions we make throughout the duration of the cruise, we aim to deliver an experience in which our guests can relate personally to those first explorers who sailed the Patagonian coastlines registering its geography, vegetation and wildlife. In short, we do our best to ensure that the expectations of our expeditionists are met in every possible way.

And it is precisely one of these naval explorers, Captain Robert Fitz Roy and his voyages with Charles Darwin, that has served as inspiration for the main destinations and routes of our excursions… and so the “FITZ ROY EXPEDITION” is born.

Join us… the “EXPEDITION HAS BEGUN…….”