FR7 -Charters

The expeditions services that we deliver on board the FORREST are not limited only to the itinerary travels described, we can also provide special trips for family, for companies, friends or scientific work teams, press and TV productions.

In a TOURISTIC and RELAXING travel, we can adapt the different excursions and the entertainment activities of the group on board accord with their interest, to make this a fun and memorable trip.

In WORK travel (also combined with tourism), the FORREST has the ability to adapt to the requirements of various activities. Thus we can adjust the interior configuration of the Hall of Passengers for enable work tables, replacing some facilities, in order to allow having a suitable place for the installation of instruments and equipment for laboratory work.

If it’s about diving, we are able to ship the required equipment (compressors, bottles, etc…) to permit the development of underwater work, both scientific and photography.

If required develop meetings, training, inductions, etc.., Our Passenger Lounge offers all the amenities for this, with audiovisual equipment such as TV screens, computer amplifiers and microphones for optimum work.

Whatever the purpose of the trip and destination, Expeditions Fitz Roy offers the versatility that enables FORREST to suit the requirements of our clients and meet their needs.