Frequently Asked Questions

1.- What sort of clothing should I take?

The Patagonian weather is sometimes unpredictable and quite changeable. Thanks to the boat’s heating system you will be able to walk around in light clothing inside, however whenever you go up on deck or we go out on excursions, you will need warm clothing, a ski jacket, hat, gloves and most importantly, a good pair of shoes to keep your feet dry. The use of boots or other waterproof footwear will be necessary when we disembark on very wet soil, often in rainy weather.
On the ship we can provide rainproof clothing, however you will require warm inner layers. We will provide rubber boots too.

2.- What is included in the price of the cruise?

The price includes: 
Land transportation to and from the hotel in Punta Arenas.
All meals served on board, including wine.
An open bar throughout the entire journey.
Daily excursions according to programme.
Hot chocolate and whisky on our excursions.
A bilingual guide throughout the trip.
Travel insurance.

3.- When and where do we board the boat?

Passengers are picked up at their hotels at the hour set for each cruise, which will be reconfirmed the previous day. You will be driven to your point of embarkation, in a drive lasting about 1/2 hour.
On this journey the driver is also your guide.

4.- What can we expect to see during the cruise?

Each of the cruise programmes has a different character. The In Search of Whales of the Magellan Strait cruise has a strong focus on wildlife, especially birds and marine wildlife (albatrosses, cormorants, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, elephant seals and of course, whales) amidst beautiful mountain landscapes, canals, fjords and glaciers surrounded by lush Patagonian jungle. To the Corners of the Skyring Sound focusses more on landscapes, forests, glaciers, vegetation, ethnic and historic aspects, although you will also find wildlife species such as cormorants, sea lions and dolphins. The excursions lead you deeper into the thick Patagonian jungle.

5.- What will the weather be like?

The weather can be quite variable at any time of the year and even during the day, especially with wind and rain. It is not unusual for passengers to experience all four seasons throughout the duration of the cruise, however even in “bad weather” the landscape takes on a certain charm. Between the months of September and March temperatures fluctuate between 5 and 15ºC (41 and 59ºF). From April to August, they drop to around 0ºC with a higher frequency of still days with no wind.

6.- Can pets be taken on board?

Unfortunately we cannot accept pets on board.

7.- Is there any insurance coverage?

Each passenger is covered with Travel Insurance, mainly for medical expenses and sanitary evacuation. Marítima Transaustral Ltda. also has Civil Liability Insurance to cover possible damage or losses  passengers may suffer during their time aboard our ship. This liability adheres to what is established in the Passenger Contract and the Regulations of the Third Book of the Chilean Commercial Code.

8.- What power supply is there on board?

The ship has a power supply of 220 V – 50 Hz.

9.- What is the official language on board the ship?

The official language is Spanish, however there will be crew members who speak English. The expedition guide is bilingual (Spanish-English).

10.- Is there first aid assistance on board?

On board we have staff trained to offer first aid assistance for passengers should it be needed.

11.- Are there hairdryers in each bathroom?

For safety reasons, hairdryers are not available in any bathroom, although you may request them to crew members, for personal use inside your cabin.

12.- Is smoking allowed on board?

Smoking is only allowed on the ship deck. Inside the boat it is forbidden, according to the Chilean Law Nº20.105 which forbids smoking in enclosed areas inside boats and ships.

13.- Are there any additional costs?

Not included in the price are:

  1. Phone calls made from the ship’s satellite phone.
  2. Souvenirs purchased on board.
  3. Tips for crew members’ services.

14.- Is there an internet connection on board?

Yes, we do have a limited pre-paid internet service on board, to be used mainly for urgencies or for uploading information and news. We also have a satellite telephone, which allows us to stay in touch with every part of the world.