Fitz Roy Route


The navigations during the nineteenth century conduct by Captain Robert Fitz Roy commanded  the BEAGLE, through channels and fjords of this whimsical and complex geography of the southern Patagonian,  gave way to one of the main geographical reconnaissance trips in history undertaken in these latitudes and they have inspired the programs of the Forrest. Browse the same routes, to anchor in the same bays, descry the same coasts and glaciers, to know the same harsh climate and the same solitude of this landscapes one day known by Fitz Roy to create the mapping of bays, islands and mountains, defining the routes that continue with a second trip with Charles Darwin, allows our passengers feel the same feelings that they had to live and now with the passage of time, translate into an Extraordinary Experience.

Coincidentally the FORREST history of one or another way is also related to the past that inspires their trips, such as having been built in shipyards in England to serve in the complicated and turbulent waters of the South Atlantic, specifically in the Falkland Islands and connect these areas with the city of Punta Arenas. Destined now to sail the waters of the Chilean Patagonia, lets you relive those trips that the great English navigator held in the past.

The Route of the Old Boaters

The Fitz Roy expeditions made ​​by the FORREST considered the inland seas waters as Otway, Skyring, Ballena and Helado sounds; channels like Jerónimo Fitz Roy, Gajardo, Barbara, Magdalena and Gabriel among others fjords of Tierra del Fuego as D’Agostini, Almirantazgo, and many bays around the Straits of Magellan, all of which are characterized by the spectacular scenery of its shores undisturbed by human presence, cover by a thick vegetation, evergreen forest and abundant and beautiful waterfalls

Overwhelming Landscapes

Every Expedition is an adventure, every bend in the road offers a surprise; each disembarking leads to discovering incredible places covered with thick forests, ferns and a variety of fungi and lichens. The great and wild landscape makes us feel amazed to find places as described and we are fortunate to be in them.

A Spectacular Wildlife

Another wonder that offer these expeditions to travellers is the variety of wildlife that we encounter. Marine mammals such as dolphins, sea lions, seals, sea elephants and whales share this territory with birds such as penguins, albatrosses, petrels, cormorants, skuas, condors, kingfisher and many more, all of which are in this water rich in krill shrimp and sardines, feeding  base of the great food chain that nature offers