FR3 - To the corners of Seno Skyring



DAY 1:   Punta Arenas –  Isla Escarpada – Estero La Pera

Between 07:00 and 07:30 hrs. will be collected the  passengers from different hotels ofn Punta Arenas to go then the Commune of Rio Verde, specifically to the so-called Rebolledo Bay in the northern riverfront Seno Skyring, where they will board the M / V FORREST to start our Cruise Expedition.

Once on board and then distributed to the respective cabinets will enjoy breakfast while browsing the Forrest in demand for the  Escarpada Island where they arrived around noon. Once in her sail at the foot of the cliffs that characterize the south coast on deck while enjoying a traditional Pisco Sour and after a tasty lunch.

Subsequently the vessel to salil toward Ensenada Rys located on the  Chinchorro isthmus, a place where buildings are located some of the pioneering era of livestock in these confines.

After a short stop we will head towards the other side of the peninsula to enter into the Estero La Pera, at the end of which funds to embark on the boats which will begin with an expedition to the interior of  Azócar River, beautiful course water that is gaining ground in the middle of a dense forest of varied vegetation.

Then, returning to the ship, we will be waiting for a comforting dinner after the rest repairer in this first night aboard.

DAY 2:   Estero La Pera – Paso del Indio – Glaciar Galería –  Canal Gajardo

Early and at breakfast, the ship sets sail towards the so-called Puerto Engaño in Seno Skyring and far reaching the entrance to the Estero Excelsior. While browsing among a large number of islands in the area, we can see an extraordinary landscape of beautiful mountains and densely populated coast with a dense vegetation. It will not be difficult to find a particular marine fauna characterized especially in the presence of dolphins, otters and sea lions.

After boarding the boats and after a short navigation, which leads us to the bottom of Estero disembark to start a short trek in the jungle to reach the shores of the  Muñoz Gamero lake, using the same trail used by Indians  Alacalufes or Kaweshkar in tense times for their shipments to the north of the province.

Back to the ship, a roofer lunch awaits us while Forrest began its navigation Skyring crossing the course of the Estero Ventisqueros. And within this deep fjord and then anchor in the so-called Puerto Amistad, the final part of the tour we will make aboard the boat expedition, which lead us to the foot of the  Galería Glacier, a large mass of ice that is clear Gran Campo Nevado. After staying long enough to enjoy a spectacular view of the landscape, we’ll begin the return to the ship to proceed towards the Canal Gajardo, waterway linking the Seno Skyring in the Strait of Magellan.
While we enjoyed the dinner, the boat will go Riding the waters in the midst of an overwhelming landscape of mountains, forests and waterfalls until anchoring in safe place such as Puerto Bahamondes to spend our second night in these lonely latitudes.

DAY 3:   Canal Gajardo – Punta Laura – Punta Arenas

After breakfast we will board our boats and begin a navigation through the narrow passage of the channel. According to the time we can enjoy the spectacle offered by the large number of icebergs that accumulate in the area. Crossing this after a bend and see the imposing presence of Glaciar Rengo, also part of the Gran Campo Nevado. After enjoying the view that we are given from the boats, landed on a nearby coast in order to make a short walk into a completely wild scenery of singular beauty. Nearly half a day will return to Forrest to start browsing back into our point of departure. While browsing enjoy a tasty lunch.

After crossing again Seno Skyring the course is set towards the so-called Punta Laura disembark at whose expense. After walking a few meters amid a thick vegetation Canelos, Cohigües and cypress which along with ferns, mosses and lichens, form a unique landscape and overwhelming, we arrive at the sources natural hot springs of the place, there can even enjoy a brief bath before returning to our ship.
And it will begin the last leg of this trip until you reach the point of disembarkation to make vehicles that will take us back to the city of Punta Arenas.


>  Transfer from the hotel until embarking place (Km. 140 N-O)

>  Guide on board ( Spanish / English)

>  All the meals, wine, open bar.

> Travel assistance ensurance


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